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Q1 What is this site about?

A1 This website has been set up as part of the e-governance action plan of the Income Tax Department. The following services are now web-enabled:
E-filing of Income tax and Fringe Benefit tax returns;
KNOW YOUR PAN : A tax payer can now ascertain his PAN online;
BULK PAN QUERY : Allows registered institutions to query their PANs in a batch mode;
Registration of e-return intermediaries;
Ascertain various return related information under YOUR ACCOUNT sub menu.[Source :]

Q2 What is e-Filing of Returns?

A2 Filing of Income Tax returns is a legal obligation of every person whose total income for the previous year has exceeded the maximum amount that is not chargeable for income tax under the provisions of the I.T Act 1961. Income Tax Department has introduced a convenient way to file these returns online using the Internet. The process of electronically filing your Income tax returns through the Internet is known as e-filing of returns.[Source :]

Q3 How is e-Filing different from the regular filing of returns?

A3 E- filing offers convenience of time and place to tax payers. This facility is available round the clock and returns could be filed from any place in the world . It also eliminates/ reduces interface between assessee and tax officials. The procedure of e- filing is explained on the home page of the website.[Source :]

Q4 Who can file returns On-line?

A4 Any individual or organization that files returns using the general method can take advantage of this facility. The pre-requisite for filing online is that you must have a valid PAN number. Direct E-filing is available for FORM NOs. ITR-1 ITR-2 ITR-3 ITR-4 ITR-5 ITR-6 & ITR-8.[Source :]

Q5 Can I use the same PAN for regular filing returns and E-Filing returns?

A5 Yes[Source :]

Q6 What are the steps in brief to upload the tax returns on this website?

Select appropriate type of Return Form.
Fill your return offline and generate a XML file.
Register and create a user id/password .
Login and click on relevant form on left panel and select "Submit Return".
Browse to select XML file and click on "Upload" button .
On successful upload acknowledgement details would be displayed. Click on "Print" to generate printout of acknowledgement/ITR-V Form.
Incase the return is digitally signed on generation of "Acknowledgement" the Return Filing process gets completed. Assessee may take a printout of the Acknowledgement for his record.
Incase the return is not digitally signed on successful uploading of e-Return the ITR-V Form would be generated which needs to be printed by the tax payers. This is an acknowledgement cum verification form. The tax payer has to fill-up the verification part and verify the same. A duly verified ITR-V form should be submitted with the local Income Tax Office withing 15 days of filing electronically. This completes the Return filing process for non-digitally signed Returns.[Source :]