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Q1 I don't understand the process of E-Filing. What should I do?

A1 To understand the procedure to file e-returns use the Help file available on Home page of the web portal which can be accessed by clicking the link "How to e-File" to know more about e-returns.[Source :]

Q2 I have no clue about computers or software. What should I do?

A2 To understand the procedure to file e-returns use the Help file which can be accessed by clicking the link Click here to know more about e-returns.You need access to a computer which can be connected to the Internet via a dial-up leased line broadband or any other means. Then you must open an Internet Browser in the computer type in and press the Enter Key on the computer’s keyboard.[Source :]

Q3 Why do I need to Register?

A3 You will need to register in order to e-file your income tax returns. To do this a unique user ID is required which can be obtained only by registering on this website.[Source :]

Q4 What information do I need to register online?

A4 The basic information requires is: PAN Full Name DOB Postal Address E-Mail ID and Phone Number.[Source :]

Q5 If a person forgets his password of login id then what can he do? Is there any procedure to retain the password again?

A5 It is advised that users retain their passwords securely. Click on the link "Forgot Password" and enter the mandatory fields along with your userid. If the information provided matches correctly the user will be allowed to select a new password.[Source :]

Q6 REGISTRATION:Should Registration be made in the name of the Company or Can a director register in his name and file the returns of the company?

A6 No a company has to create its own userid and password using its PAN. The company return can be only filed under that userid / password since the PAN in the return must match that of the PAN associated with the userid / password[Source :]

Q7 Can a Chartered Accountant file on behalf of the Company? If a person is C.A and he wants to file the return of different companies is it necessary to make a separate user id and password of all the companies or can he file the returns of different companies with his login only?

A7 No unless the Chartered Accountant is a duly registered e-Return intermediary he cannot file on behalf of the company. A company has to create its own userid and password using its PAN. The company return can be only filed under that userid / password since the PAN in the return must match that of the PAN associated with the userid / password. The userid /password of the Chartered Accountant are linked to his individual or firm’s PAN and therefore cannot be used.[Source :]

Q8 Certain Companies cannot be registered in the portal since the Company database is not up to date. In such cases the Company cannot file their e-returns at all.

A8 Please use exactly the same name as it appears in the PAN card or PAN intimation letter to avoid error in registration. If the name does not match exactly then Error message "Name entered does not match our records" will appear. The company database is continuously updated.[Source :]

Q9 Display of the entire master data of Companies is suggested to enable the companies to get registered easily and also rectify/update the master data.

A9 It is not possible.[Source :]

Q10 As the data relating to PAN (Income tax website) & Incorporation date (MCA web site) are available over the Internet any body could register in the name of the Company and falsify the IT returns. Accordingly additional security measures are suggested.

A10 To register the name of the companyit must be exactly the same as it appears in the PAN card or PAN intimation letter. Additionally the Company can file using its digital signature. In any other case the paper return with signature is required and shall be verified against the electronic return to ensure integrity of data.[Source :]

Q11 What happens if I Don't Register?

A11 Without the unique User ID and password no individual will be able to access the web site. This registration needs to be done only once.[Source :]

Q12 What do I do next after registration?

A12 After registration login into the Home Page of the INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT website using the newly generated User ID and password. For more details on the procedure to file ereturns use the Help file by clicking the link Click here to know more about e-returns. Read the content on the website and access relevant Help Files to e-enable you to file the returns.[Source :]

Q13 What is the Return Preparation Software?

A13 The E-Filing Website has provided few User Friendly tools available for Free Download these may be used by the individuals or organizations to file their returns electronically. These tools are called the 'Return Preparation Software'. To e-file your returns you may download these Tools from the official E-Filing website and start the E-Filing process. You may choose any utility which you feel comfortable.
Please note that the input to the "Return Preparation Software" will be the actual data that you fill feed in. The output of this utility will be an XML file. This is the file that must be uploaded to the e-Filing website.[Source :]

Q14 Is it necessary that I use the Client Side Utility created by Income tax Department? Can I use some other utility?

A14 The e-Return Return Preparation Software provided at the Income Tax Department website are free for anyone to use in order to create the e-return XML file. End users are also free to use any other utility created by other software providers as long as the XML output conforms to the XML Schema which has been posted at the E-Filing website. However these other software utilities available in the market may require payment for usage.[Source :]

Q15 What are the system requirements to download and use the Client Side Utility?

A15 The minimum system requirements needed to download and use the Return Preparation Software are PC with 128 MB Ram PIII processor or equivalent at least 25 MB free hard disk space internet connection Internet Explorer (version 5 or higher) and Windows Operating system (Win 2000 or higher version) and Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1.0.[Source :]

Q16 What are the system requirements for viewing the website?

A16 The website is a Java based. JRE (Java Run-time Environment Version1.6 (called JRE 6 (Beta)) may be required to be installed on the computer. Java is freely downloadable from and or you can ask your vendor providing computer facilities (hardware) to install the same for you. However most PCs using Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or higher) would already be having Java or JRE (Java Run-time Environment) and there should not be any problem in viewing the site. [Source :]

Q17 Where do I save the downloaded files? Can I delete them later?

A17 You can download the files on to your local machine. Fill in the required information and upload the file back on to the web site. After receiving an acknowledgement of the submission the file can be saved.It is recommended that the XML file be retained for your records. It is recommended that a print out of the form be taken and the information duly filled records.[Source :]

Q18 What is XML?

A18 XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a general purpose markup language designed especially for Web documents. XML is a way of describing data and it allows designers to create their own customized tags enabling the definition transmission validation and interpretation of data between applications and between organizations. Any Client Side Utility which creates an e-return XML will be a file with an extention .xml. This is the file that must be uploaded to the E-Filing website.[Source :]

Q19 What is a Schema?

A19 A schema refers to the collection of database objects associated with a particular database. Any user who files e-return will have created an xml file based on the schema. A simple analogy would be that the schema represents a letter template where the user enters the addressee details name salutation body text etc which then completes the document which is the equivalent of an xml file. The template ensures uniformity and standardization of the format of the letter in the same way that the schema provides a structure to the xml file.

On uploading the file on to the system a unique database object is created in the Income tax Department system. If you are using the services of the Utilities available at the e- Filing website or any other Utility capable of generating an e-return XML for these forms you need not download the schema or be worried about it. The Schema is made available to those individuals software companies and organizations who wish to use this code to help create their own software utility for filling up these forms.[Source :]

Q20 Can the schema be changed? What is the impact of any change in the schema?

A20 Only the new schema should be used while creating the xml file. However the changes do not in any way impact the returns already filed through the website which continue to be valid. However returns that would be filed henceforth will need to conform to the new schema.[Source :]

Q21 What does Uploading mean? How can a person upload his return on website and in which format?

A21 The XML file format of the return prepared using software utilities has to be submitted to the Income tax Department E-Filing website so that it can be processed for the e-returns. This process is referred to as uploading.[Source :]

Q22 How do I get a confirmation that my tax return has been filed successfully?

A22 After the e-return file has been uploaded successfully onto the Income tax Department server a receipt is displayed with an acknowledgment number. The acknowledgment number is confirmation of the successful submission of your e-returns.[Source :]

Q23 How should I get a acknowledgement number?

A23 The receipt containing the acknowledgement number is the only valid proof of electronic submission of the return. A physical return without a provisional acknowledgement number cannot be accepted for further processing and would be returned.[Source :]

Q24 E-Filing STATUS: Other than the online acknowledgement the assessee does not have any facility to check the status of the uploaded e-return. There may be situations when the assessee may have uploaded but the department may not have received the return. Accordingly it is suggested that the portal display the status of the filed e-return (similar to refund status) to assure the assessee of the completeness of the transaction.

A24 The assessee would be able to printout acknowledgement with an acknowledgement / ITR-V form in case of a successful upload. In case of any breakdown during the transmission of the xml file the assessee can re-submit the return. However the assessee can verify the "My Return" submenu under the "My Account" menu. If the return had been uploaded successfully before the breakdown in transmission the copy of the acknowledgement will be available for taking printout. The acknowledgement sheet can also be reprinted under "My Return" submenu after logging in.[Source :]

Q25 Why do I get an error message at the time of submission?

A25 It could generally happen due to incorrect data or non-filling of mandatory fields. Rectify the errors until there are no further error messages. Please do not use any Special Characters such as   - _ & ! ^ < > # ~ % or * while doing data entry since it may cause an error while generating XML file or while uploading the XML file. In case the problem persists contact the call center or report the problem in the website.[Source :]

Q26 VERACITY OF RETURNS: The IT department cannot verify the veracity of the returns since there are no accompanying documents. Further since audit reports are not annexed there is a risk that assessees may upload their unaudited statements upfront and obtain the tax audit reports only when called for during scrutiny. It is suggested that the assessees upload their enclosures in a suitable format along with the returns to enable assessment.

A26 The question of disclosure would arise at the time of scrutiny assessment only. The assessee can disclose matters provided in the return u/s 143 (2) of the IT Act if the case is selected for scrutiny. At the time of processing no penalty is leviable and there is no necessity of any disclosure. The paper return and the electronic return would be matched to ensure data integrity. The assessee has to either attach a digital signature or file the paper return with the signature and verification. Any false declaration would invite relevant proceedings under the Income Tax Act.[Source :]

Q27 MISCELLANEOUS: There is lack of awareness among the public regarding the web portal for E-Filing. Further the site does not carry any link to the E-Filing portal.

A27 Awareness is being increased through a series of advertisements. The site has a link on the main page to the E-Filing website.[Source :]

Q28 The Procedure for E-Filing has not been prominently displayed in the web site. Taxpayers are still groping in the dark as to whether the returns have to be filed manually or electronically.

A28 The Income Tax Department has provided detailed help document of the E-Filing process. Comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions list has also been provided.[Source :]

Q29 Other practical issues such as revised returns resubmission of returns (in case of break in connectivity etc) need to be addressed adequately.

A29 Revised returns have to filed in the same way as original returns. The Acknowledgement number of the Original return can be entered.[Source :]

Q30 Certain assessees have also expressed their apprehension in filing their sensitive IT details through third parties/intermediaries.

A30 The assessees can directly upload their return to the Income Department website in case of any apprehension about sharing sensitive information. [Source :]

Q31 Can I talk to somebody who can help me understand the process of E-Filing?

A31 Yes you can contact our call center Aayakar Sampark Kendra (ASK) on phone number 0124-2438000 for assistance.[Source :]

Q32 Is there any time limit for submitting Form ITR-V (ITR Verification Form) when the return is filed electronically without digital signature to the Income-tax Department?

A32 Yes verified ITR-V form is to be submitted in the Income Tax Office with in 15 days of e-filing.[Source :]

Q33 The minimum/exact configuration of computer required for e-filing may please be publicized / stated.

A33 Minimum configuration of computer - (a)P-IV PC. (b)Windows 2000/XP or above. (c)RAM 512 MB. (d)Broadband Connection.[Source :]

Q34 For A.Y. 2007-08 bar coded return may also be furnished at the option of the assessee. What is a bar - coded return and how to file it?

A34 This is a new initiative of the department. ITR-1 & ITR-2 forms could be submitted containing bar codes. Such returns could be read with the help of a scanner obviating the necessity of data entry work. This would expedite the processing of the return and thus better taxpayer service. One has to use the return preparation software provided on the web site to generate bar coded returns. The filing process is similar to that of a paper return.[Source :]

Q35 Within what period the verification of the return in form ITR-V is required to be submitted. Whether above form is required to be submitted to the jurisdictional assessing officer necessarily or it may be submitted to any income tax office in India in view of on line net working. The date of transmitting the data electronically or dispatch of ITR V (by Fax/ Courier/post) or receipt of above form by income tax office shall be considered for the purpose of considering the date of filling the return. What are the consequence of non filing /late filing / non receipt of form ITR V by Income Tax Dept.

A35 These issues have clarified by the Board in its Circular no. 5/2007 dated 26-07-2007. The ITR-V form is to be submitted with in 15 days of electronic transmission to the income tax department. If so the date of e- filing shall be the date of filing of return. Else the date of filing of return shall be taken to be date of submission of ITR-V FORM. Board has issued instructions to field formations to receive ITR-V forms centrally.[Source :]