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Q1 Can I correct e-TDS/TCS annual return?

A1 Yes corrected e-TDS/TCS returns can be filed. You can file corrected e-TDS/TCS return on account of any rectification or after incorporating missing PAN(s) details with any TIN-FC. [Source : NSDL]

Q2 What is the manner of submission of corrected annual e-TDS/TCS return?

A2 In case you are submitting corrected annual e-TDS/TCS return you should file the entire e-TDS/TCS return (and not only the amendments to the e-TDS/TCS return) alongwith all the documents submitted at the time of filing original e-TDS/TCS return. You should also file a copy of the Provisional Receipt issued earlier for the original e-TDS/TCS return alongwith the corrected e-TDS/TCS return. You should also mention on the top right hand corner of Form 27A that e-TDS/TCS return being filed is on account of any rectification other than missing PAN(s) or on account of incorporation of missing PAN(s). [Source : NSDL]

Q3 Can I file the corrected annual e-TDS/TCS return with any TIN-FC?

A3 You can file the corrected e-TDS/TCS return at any TIN-FC. [Source : NSDL]

Q4 Do I have to pay upload fee for filing corrected annual e-TDS/TCS return?

A4 Yes. Upload fee is payable for each and every e-TDS/TCS return accepted by the TIN-FC irrespective of whether it is a corrected e-TDS/TCS return or an original e-TDS/TCS return. [Source : NSDL]

Q5 Will the TIN-FC give any acknowledgment/receipt after acceptance of corrected e-TDS/TCS return?

A5 Yes TIN-FC will issue a Provisional Receipt in case corrected e-TDS/TCS return file is valid and accepted by the TIN-FC. The Provisional Receipt issued by TIN-FC is deemed to be the proof of corrected e-TDS/TCS return filed by you. [Source : NSDL]